“I joined YCT in fourth grade because I loved to sing and wanted to do it in a group with others. I’ve loved it ever since!”~Isabelle C. • YCT Chamber Chorale

“I wanted to join YCT because I wanted to continue my singing journey with Mrs. B.  She wasn’t just a music teacher to me, but seemed to me as another mother.  Not only does she care about her students, but she always does her job in a professional manner.”  ~Phill D. • YCT Chamber Chorale

“I joined YCT because it is a great singing community that I get to experience with very talented singers. YCT has been a very engaging extracurricular that allows me to work on vocal technique for all of the enjoyable performances.” ~Anita S • YCT Chamber Chorale

“I wanted to join YCT because I wanted to continue learning music from Mrs. B who taught me about music.” ~Eli D. • YCT Chamber Chorale

“I love working at YCT because it is the perfect place for a young musician to get a strong foundation for the future. At YCT, students receive outstanding musical training, amazingly supportive board members and parents, and are surrounded by other musicians working hard, pushing each other to achieve excellence. We have something truly amazing here, and I’m so happy that I can be a part of it.” ~Sarah K. • YCT Operations Manager

“YCT has been a catalyst for me to meet new musicians to share my passion with. Also, singing with Mrs. B has helped me become the musician I am today and keeps me motivated to sing with my fellow peers at YCT.” ~Brayan A. • YCT Chamber Chorale

“Since I was 7 years old, I have loved nothing more than singing. But rarely have I had the opportunity to work in an environment that values the simple love of music as much as YCT does. YCT allowed me to relearn this simple joy of creating music with such a diverse group of people in both age and story. There is truly no place like it.” ~Emma F. • YCT Chamber Chorale

“I was moved by the discussion of Nelson Mandela at the last rehearsal and was so thrilled by it. My son is 4 and because of you, we had a terrific conversation on the way home about equality and Mr. Mandela. Without you, our conversations would have been far less valuable. A thousand thanks for enriching my son’s life both with the beauty of music and with knowledge and values that are critically important.” ~Courtney H. • YCT Winnetka Children’s Chorus Parent

“Thank you for yet another beautiful concert. Our daughter is very lucky to be able to learn from such a talented composer and director. In a world where you turn on the news and hear about so much senseless violence, YCT is truly a reminder of the good in the world.” Anita R., YCT Chamber Chorale Parent